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Alda, a new programming language to compose music

Alda, a new programming language to compose music

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For years, composers and producers have used complex tools for composing digital music.

The developer Dave Yarwood wants to change all that with Alda, a new programming language, it was created to help people write compositions with little or no coding experience.
Alda presents users with a simple syntax that can be used to compose MIDI scores in a text editor, without the need to learn a new software interface.

Alda supports commands for various lengths of notes, accidentals, multiple instruments and more.
In its current state, it is a practical tool for basic notation, but features such as key transposition and rehearsals are still in the works.

Yarwood has written a detailed guide to Alda, and said he intends to extend its scope to support samples and sounds beyond the General MIDI sound it currently uses.

➤ Alda [GitHub]